Coffee Service

Tired of paying for expensive "gourmet" coffee? Want coffee exactly the way you like it? Serv-A-Cup Coffee and Water Service is dedicated to providing you with the best coffee service experience your business has ever had.

Serv-A-Cup provides service with an extra personal touch. We are dedicated to making sure our customers enjoy their favorite coffees anytime. Your business will enjoy regular scheduled service and deliveries, 24/7 availability, as well as same day emergency deliveries. During each visit we will re-stock all supplies and clean all equipment. 

COFFEE:100% ColombianMaxwell HouseFolgersDecaf ColombianHotel Restaurant BlendHouse BlendsDonut Shop BlendCOFFEE BEANS:100% Colombian SupremoHotel Restaurant BlendKenya AAKona BlendHOT CHOCOLATE:Swiss Miss M/MCarnationSugar Free


  • French Vanilla
  • Hazelnut
  • Irish Cream
  • Amaretto


  • Coffeemate liquid creamers
  • Creamer
  • Sugar
  • Cream Packets
  • Sugar Packets
  • Equal
  • Splenda
  • Sweet Thing


  • CUPS 12oz
  • CUPS 8oz